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**Foc Council '93 notes 0,j4fg +P<'@` +A*$$3X$TEXTMSWD@n(b[~(bz $cRAINBOW FAMILY VISION COUNCIL,
July 7 on the land, Talladega Forest, Alabama
CONSENSUS, 4 p.m.: Wyoming 1994!

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July 5 & 6 on the land, Talladega Forest, Alabama


Mark-en, Sun Bear, and Little White Owl will mail
three "FQMs" out to all Focalizers during the coming
year; Chicken will be cyberspace liaison [making sure
FQM info gets regularly posted]; Duane of the Rainbow
Guide will keep the Focalizer list up to date.

Focalizers who don't want to be published in the Guide
but wish to receive the FQM should write a very
explanatory letter to Duane at the Guide.

FUNDS: Focalizers, you are our only source of funds
for your mailing. Forward $ to the Focalizers Bank,
c/o Mark McCracken (Mark-en), 3015 NE Broadway,
Portland OR 97232.

FOCALIZERS BANK COUNCIL until next July: Mark-en,
Sun Bear, Leslie Peaceagle, David Ganesh, Susan Songbird.

Like all Rainbow mailing lists, regional Family mailing
lists are never used or shared with anybody for
commercial purposes.


Focalizers should make every effort to transfer
information from the electronic realm to non-
computerized Family, and vice versa.

Folks can get info about accessing the "net," as well
as software & hardware, through Rob Savoye at
303/258-0506 or Chicken at 202/265-5389. If you
want something posted, send it to Rob at P.O. Box 1006,
Nederland CO 80466. Rob will compile a concise
explanation [for the FQM] of how to access the net and
how it can be useful to Rainbows.

In consideration of decentralization it is recommended
that people focalizing Family functions do so c/o
individual e-mail addresses, not using the word "Rainbow."


It is the consensus of this Focalizers Council that it is not environmentally responsible to have a Rainbow gathering
on the same site two years in a row.

It is the consensus of this Focalizers Council that Rainbow
gatherings are called by open and informed councils, not
by individuals. These councils are called within the
bioregion of the proposed gathering, with timely notice
given to local Families.

Nomadic family focalizers are invited to participate in
future Focalizer Councils every July 5 [and usually 6]
at 3 p.m. on the land.

SCRIBE'S NOTES (not a consensus!)
The Focalizers Council this year answered one of my
prayers as our two grey-haired sisters Carla and Little
White Owl joined us younger folk to bridge the
"generation gap." The term "Focalizer" has come to
represent a younger generation of Family, mostly city-
based, who don't get a lot of respect from some older
folks who don't know us personally and are not sure
they trust us to carry on the Family name. Both
sisters expressed satisfaction at the achievements and
process of our councils on the 5th and 6th.
Though we went deep into the night of the 6th, the
list of agreements above and the fact that so many stayed
to the final circle says a lot. Council doesn't have to be a
chore! Focalizers, it seems, are folks who sit through a lot
of councils and have learned the secrets of getting
efficiently to the end: stick to the point, speak concisely,
respect facilitation, listen respectfully with or without the
reminder of a feather, etc. Counciling is like any skilled
activity: it's a lot more fun once you learn the skills! It
helps a lot that many of us have been counciling together
every year for five years now ...
See you in Wyoming, July 5, 3 p.m., if not before!
Q love, Stephen Wing

P.S. any notes from a Foc Council in Kentucky? Let's test
our symbiotic long-range consensual synchronicity!

Aug. 1-4, Quebec: 351 St. Anne Sud Rd., RR 3, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada, J0E 2N0
Aug. 22-29, OM Valley (probably N. Kentucky): P.O. Box 9101, Cincinnati OH 45209-9101
Sept. 4-18, New Hampshire (N. side of Mt. Mousselaki, FS road off Rt. 116; expect winter conditions): Box 116, Wilton NH 03086-0116
Fall equinox, around Sept. 21, Piedmont (SC, NC, Ga., Ala.): 404/662-6112
October, Texas: P.O. Box 115, Martinsville TX 75958-0115, 409/569-2549
(Anyone heard any rumors about Shawnee?)

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