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Stephen Wing (
Sun, 11 Jul 1993 10:51:37 MDT

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> as software & hardware, through Rob Savoye at

Also for those that have some access already, my email address is

> Though we went deep into the night of the 6th, the
> list of agreements above and the fact that so many stayed
> to the final circle says a lot. Council doesn't have to be a
> chore! Focalizers, it seems, are folks who sit through a lot
> of councils and have learned the secrets of getting
> efficiently to the end: stick to the point, speak concisely,
> respect facilitation, listen respectfully with or without the
> reminder of a feather, etc. Counciling is like any skilled

I must admit though, that the Focalizers council on the 6th was amazing.
It seemed that everyone was respecting others right to speak without the need
of the feather. It seemed that we covered a lot of ground and came to
consensus without major blockage.

- rob -

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