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14 Jul 1993 10:32:53

Stephen Wing <> writes:

>Aug. 1-4, Quebec: 351 St. Anne Sud Rd., RR 3, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada, J0E 2N0
>Fall equinox, around Sept. 21, Piedmont (SC, NC, Ga., Ala.): 404/662-6112

Sept 17 - 30, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Rollinsville, Colorado

We are planning to hold a Fall equinox gathering in Northeast Colorado,
sept 17-30. This area is about 25 west of Boulder, outside of Rollinsville.
P.O. Box 1006, Nederland, Colorado, 303-258-0506 or
via email

We could use a few scouts (we already have a good idea of the area for the
site. The idea is that this will be a "front-range colorado" gathering. I
personally would like to see a maximum of about 200 people. I have a sad
feeling however, that the attendance would be about 75 - 100 though, being
the time of the year, and the lack of desire for dealing with the rather cool
temperatures this time of the year. No kitchens have offered to come help
this gathering, so this is a call for offers. If anyone can get word to
Everbodies Kitchen (sloppy joe or floppy) please ask them to call me at
303-258-0506. Collect if need be. Also needed would be a CALM unit of sorts.
This gathering will be in the fall, so expect rather cool temperatures. There
is an abundance of fresh water, wood, and rocks to build fire rings. There
could be a minor hassle of altitude for those of you that live below 2000 ft.
I am guessing there area is around 10000 ft.

Personal Soapbox:
In my own opinion, I feel that gatherings in the south should be limited to
the late-fall/winter/early spring. Having gatherings in the south during the
summer is not ideal, high temps, and it helps limit northern gatherings to
next to nothing. Lets face it Family, if we intend to be a semi-permanent
or permanent nomadic tribe, we have to be able to deal with all the elements,
including snow. The north american indians have for many centuries endured
the harsh winters. I myself can not claim to follow their footsteps if I am
not willing to endure those trials of nature and be willing to face the Mother
on a face to face basis.

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