Re: Wisconsin '94????
15 Jul 1993 08:24:08

Iam using the account acquired from the Rainbow Office in KY, thats
the only reason the account is titled Rainbow Family of LIving Light.

I am not in the office, nor do I speak for anyone but me.

I left ALABAMA on the afternoon of the 7th, journied to KY and arrived at I informed them of the sentiments of our council, that we had one pass
of the feather to reach consensus onn Wyoming.
They told me that during the night of the 7th that theq
ir circle had consensed to going along with whatever AL decided. My sense of the feeling in KY was they felt{no need to do two gatherings.
Absolutely no need, however the eight people who stuck it out for
three and one half days were fiercely independent, powerful controlling
types, victims of life, with low esteem and high instability levels,
and seeking for daddy to recognize them, and at the same time highly
reactive to anything that came up from AL.

For example, they were on my case from the beginning, saying I was trying to influence their council.

Roses blocked when I called for the sense that one gathering would be the way to fix all the problem. Despite having the knowledge that the majority of people from Wisconsin had blocked WI in AL she continued to press for WI.

So, I saw that this little circle of individuals, none of who represented The Rainbow Family of Living Light, who represented their own small picture of the whole, decided that it would be better for the family to have two gatherings.

And I quote Roses now, "Vision Council in KY decided on WI on July 10th at 7pm.
A new tribe is born and we consensed to call it the 2nd Annual Turtle Island Rainbow Gathering. Our Thanksgiving council will probably be in October. Write PO Box 54 Gays Mills WI 54631, 608 735- 4595."

Roses also says she wasn't the only one who blocked.

I saw only empty blocks, for personal reasons, for illogical reasons, Roses
fears that the cops will come down heavy on one event, that there will be no noon circle, that all hell will break loose.

It sounds exactly like what she sounded like in VT when she said that if we
went to CO that the gathering would end forever.

Iwas verbally abused at least a dozen times for what I represent, an elder coming from AL to change their minds. Afterdelivering my message of WY
I left the circle saying that there was no way I could stay and not
influence them. I did return a few times, each time I met bickering, disrespect, and soapboxing.

There were a few people like Dreamweaver and Diego who tried to help people see
that deciding two gatherins was way worse than making the mistake to have
two gatherings. The abused children there have to seperate from their parent
as a part of their own evolution.

Pray tht they are healed and return someday.

Michael John

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