NFS regulations listserver

Stephen R. Johgart (
Thu, 15 Jul 1993 17:22:20 MDT

I just revamped the archive server for the NFS regulations. All those
that were subscribed to the old alerts mailing list are on the new one,
which is now called nfs. I've updated the archive's contents to be in
sync with the ftp sites. Here's what is currently there:

cover - Comments from Thomas.
court.release - Thomas's Peace Park court case.
gathering.flier.1 - Short flier on the regulations.
gathering.flier.2 - More detailed flier on the regulations.
petition - The petition against the proposed regulations.
reality - Short discussion on the regulations.
regulations - The regulations themselves. <------
rumor.control - Notes on rumor control.
thisland - Another short flier on the regulations.
write.reps.all - Addresses of Reps. to write.
whynot - Why we won't sign permits.

Here's how to access them via email.
The mailing address for the listserv is
No subject is needed, and the entire contents of the body of the
message can be anyone of the following:

HELP (this gets help on how to use the listserver)
INDEX NFS (this sends the index of the files in the archive)
GET NFS [file] (this will get a file from the archive. Replace [file]
with the name from the index)

To be on or off the mailing list do this:

SUBSCRIBE NFS "your name" (this will add you to the NFS mailing list)
UNSUBSCRIBE NFS "your name" (this will delete you from the NFS mailing list)

To mail to the NFS list, send email to This list is
currently unmoderated, so please think before posting. It currently does
*not* also forward your message to alt.gathering.rainbow. All messages are
archived as well.

They are also accessible by anonymous ftp as well. There are two ftp
sites that are identical (rdist'd every night). The master site is on, but has a
*much* faster net connection. To submit a file to be included in the
archives, email it to me <> or ftp it to and then mail me a description.

All the files in the archive are compressed using GNU gzip. The gzip
sources are also there in an uncompressed tar file, as well as a msdos
binary. To use the msdos binary to uncompress a file, use "gzip -d
[file]" I will add binaries of gzip for any Unix machine I have access to
for those that need it. Mail me your platform/OS version and I'll build one
if I can. It is very simple to build gzip yourself though.

- rob -

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