Updates from the national anyone?

19 Jul 1993 18:03:23


Just found access to this particular net forum, tho I've been
on the alerts for nfs regs for a while now.
I was just wondering if anyone could update me on the latest
news from the national. How did the daul site problem get delt with?
Was there a single vision council? Where? What's the word for next year,
especially taking into consideration the likelyhood of new regs by then?

I was at the WI regional and saw some of the confusion that led up to
the dual site (3 w/ Zues?).

But if somebody could give me the update, either via alt.gathering
or by private email I would appreciate it. Also if this kind of thing
should be done via email rather than such a public forum PLEASE
let me know (maybe there is a FAQ for this group?)

One Love,
Geoff /
Geoff /^\
\~/ rfeather@macc.wisc.edu

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