Mexican Rainbow Gatherings 1993-94

Marcus L. Endicott (
Tue, 20 Jul 1993 06:45:07 -0700 (PDT)

>The Mexican Rainbow Family invites you to a Summer Regional
>Gathering, from Tuesday, September 14, to Sunday, September 19,
>1993, centered around September 15 and 16, dates which are the
>Mexican equivalent of the US July 4 independence celebration,
>and which involve a ritual ceremony at 11 pm, September 15, and
>a parade next morning.
>The place hopefully will be the "Morro De La Mancha", a beach
>and coastal lagoon area in the state of Veracruz, on the Gulf of
>Mexico. Right beside federal highway #180, roughly at the 190
>kilometer marker, going northwards, turn right at a restaurant
>called "Los Macucos" and take a dirt road for about 1 mile,
>along a lagoon, until you reach the sea beach and some fenced
>constructions that belong to the "Instituto De Ecologia" of the
>Veracruz state government. Nearby are cities, Veracruz, a much
>visited seaport, and Jalapa, the state capital, both about 50
>miles away. Mexico City is about 250 miles. Also fairly near
>and available for ritual purposes are the prehispanic ceremonial
>centers of Zempoala and Tajin, and Antigua, the first Spanish
>settlement in Mexico.
>The Winter Extended Gathering will be held from Saturday,
>December 18, to Sunday, January 1, 1994, at San Pancho Beach,
>state of Nayarit, about 50 miles north of Puerto Vallarta on
>Mexico's Pacific coast, off the main coastal highway, about 500
>yards by dirt road.
>The 1994 Spring Gathering will be a "Vision Council", similar to
>those held in 1993 in Catemaco, in 1992 in Mazunte, and in 1991
>in Temoaya. So, it is not a fully Rainbow Family event because
>it is hosted and organized by various more formal organizations,
>which do not subscribe to the "All Ways Free" philosophy of the
>Rainbow Family. It will be held around March 21 in the Lake
>Patzcuaro area, state of Michoacan, about 250 miles northwest of
>Mexico City. Hosts will be a local "Green" group.
>As usual with gatherings in Mexico, alcohol, drugs or weapons
>are not allowed. Infractors will be evicted.
>In the gatherings there will be a lot of activities, workshops,
>councils, music, dance and poetry, also a lot of heavy
>interaction with local communities, shamans and groups. Visits,
>rites and ceremonies in nearby prehispanic sites are usually
>undertaken, as a substantial part of the gatherings.
>As in the US and European gatherings, participants will be all
>sorts of people, in and of all walks of life. Everyone is
>welcomed, except those who are incurably violent, possessive or
>addicted. We are, we hope to remain, always (or at least
>passably) free and loving, unbound by vice and negative
>passions, possessions and attitudes.
>Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!! (For All of Our Relations!)
>Rodolfo Rosas Escobar - Mexican Rainbow Family Focalizer
>Nadadores #67A, Colonia Country Club Churubusco
>04220 Coyoacan, Mexico 21, D.F.
>Tel.: (5) 549-2234

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