Let us dine together-in the mtns!

Barry Clements (bclements@igc.apc.org)
Tue, 20 Jul 1993 17:33:42 -0700 (PDT)

I am now able to reflect on the gathering and I have nothing but questions.
Like, why did Chubbacca state in no uncertain terms that "There is water
piped to main circle and all of the kitchens" when that was not the case?
By the way, Chubbacca, If you see Mark again please tell him that I was
unable to leave any water testers because they leaked out in the intense
heat of the parking lot. What I did test indicated that the "white pipe"
that everybody was told not to drink showed NO trace of any bacteria
contamination (but it sure was fouled with minerals) and the spring
which Kid Village was using showed Positive results for coliform and
E/Coli. It was not great in amounts though, so unless you drank over a
gallon a day, no efect was probably noticed. This might explain the
dysentery breakout on the 6th.
The water situation in Kentucky was a disgrace and because of that reason
alone, this place should have been strongly resisted as a site. I went
to KY because of all the supportive messages on the net. I can only
take all the frustration about the whole mess and stress "Never Again!"
let us dine apart on July 4th.
And to Ken who hopes the Gathering won't be "more than a day's drive
from Cleveland" allow me to say, you had the Gathering in your own
hot and sweaty world this year, why didn't you go. Back to the
mountains next year.

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