Support For Our Concerns about the
21 Jul 1993 16:12:56

In the Summer 1993 newsletter which I just received from the Hanuman
Foundation, on the front page is an article that reads:

" If there was a single thread which ran through Ram Dass' teachings this
spring, it was the theme of engagement. In lectures and workshops around
the country, he encouraged his audiences to find their way into political
involvement, into avenues for creating the compassion and social justice
which our spiritual understanding demands. deepen our commitment as conscious participants in our shared human
destiny. In his keynote address...Ram Dass warned of the danger of
expecting things to get too beautiful too fast. There is a deep vein of
cynicism in our society, he said, so if we are to become effective agents
of change, we have to learn to eat the cynicism for lunch.

.....He integrated the chilling statistics of our current
social predicament into a deeper spiritual framework. Ram Dass explored
with his audiences ways of bringing greater consciousness to bear in the
political arena. Noting that each letter a Congressperson receives is
taken as reflecting the views of 17,000 people, he urged that we begin
with the simple step of writing a letter or making a phone call and gave
out the telephone number of Bill Clinton and Al Gore."

Now Ram Dass has not been known for involvement in politics. His
statements are signs that things are changing and we *each* need to do our

You can e-mail the President and Vice-President at:

and write letters to those involved with the regulations. They must
answer each person who writes a letter.

The family that has gathered in DC is working hard and can use all the
support they can get. In September there is more work to be done on
Proposition 1/ Initiative 37 after the doors close on the regulations.
Maybe this is a way for us to set up an infrastructure that can effectivly
work for change.

Please do all that you can!



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