Clean & Sober Rainbow Village, WY 1
22 Jul 1993 15:46:30

Hello Sisters and Brothers-

My name is Luke Jones, and I am a clean and sober rainbow.

This year at the KY gathering, we had 2 "12-step" meetings per
day. We put up signs on all the main bulletin boards and left
word at Medicine Circle (CALM) as to where the meetings were
held. It turned out great. At one meeting, we had 13 recovering
rainbow brothers and sisters join us.

There were also meetings last year in CO and for all I know,
there may be meetings every year.

We from the KY '93 site are organizing a small camp for next
years national gathering (in WY I presume). I would like to make
contact with any clean & sober brothers and sisters that were at
the AL site, or anyone else interested in this type of activity.

Clearly, the focus of our unity will be the 12-steps, and thus
will mainly attract sisters and brothers who are in a program of
recover (AA, NA, etc.). However, if there are folks out there
who need to get to a safe, drug fee zone, you are welcome to come
on by and spend some time with us.

We will have meetings every day. We will lovingly ask our fellow
brothers and sisters to respect our drug-free area. We will have
coffee & tea (no kitchen). We will have tarps and warm, dry
places to be with other loving family.

Please pass my name, number, eMail, address, etc. on to anyone
who might be interested in joining this focalizing effort.

Luke Jones
131 11th St. SE Apt. B
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 547-6651 home
(202) 646-5286 work

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