Re: New book about New Age Nomads
19 Jul 1993 13:39:24

On 16 Jul 93 10:07 PDT, Marcus L. Endicott <> said:

mendicott> - In the July 2, 1993, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, page 31, there
mendicott> is a review by Alexander Urquhart, "Of no fixed abodes", of the
mendicott> new book by Richard Lowe and William Shaw, entitled TRAVELLERS:
mendicott> VOICES OF THE NEW AGE NOMADS. It is basically "a collection of
mendicott> thirty autobiographical pieces" about the so-called "hippie
mendicott> convoys," first kicked out of Stonehenge, now involved in doing
mendicott> the so-called "free festivals" in Britain.

Are there many travellers in the US? What kind of problems do they
face? I would expect them to be able to find enough places to go,
which is why I've never heard anything about it. On the other hand...

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