Re: New book about New Age Nomads
19 Jul 1993 18:31:20
>Are there many travellers in the US? What kind of problems do they
>face? I would expect them to be able to find enough places to go,
>which is why I've never heard anything about it. On the other hand...

Although we do have Romany Gypsies in the U.S., in general, they are more
affluent and less prominent here than in Europe. More native American
indians may be seen to still cling to vestiges of their nomadic roots here.
However, the closest we have here to your 'travellers' would probably be the
many thousands of 'Deadheads', fans of the Grateful Dead music group, who
still follow their tours in convoys of old Volkswagen vans (mini-buses) and
colorful, old school buses converted into what we call 'recreational
vehicles' (RVs) and what you might call 'caravans'. And, yes, I would say
they find almost constant harrassment at the hands of local authorities and
law enforcement officials.

I don't know how long you've been reading >alt.gathering.rainbow<, but there
has been a lot here about attempts of the U.S. government to prevent the
Gypsies, native Americans, Deadheads, Hoboes, other homeless people and the
again increasing numbers of unemployed... the sacred Rainbow Peoples, from
gathering in our national forests. As we say, stay tuned to this channel
for more about this subject....

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