Gathering or Scattering, Continued
09 Jun 1993 14:09:57

Legaliasion/DC site location Opinion Update

Legaliaison\DC retracts the opinion that "the best interests
of the Family" would be served "by moving to the Alabama site."
There are two problems with that statement. First,
Legaliaison\DC realizes that it has no factual support for the
idea that moving to the Alabama site is in the best interests of
the Family. Second, Legaliaison\DC -- whose only authority is to
act as the "eyes and ears of the Family with regard to government
regulations intended to restrict peaceable assembly on public
lands -- has no interest in where the Gathering is sited, nor
does Legaliaison have any business entering into the
interpersonal\political\spiritual\socialogical\whatever jockeying
to position the Gathering.

Here in D.C. we are receiving many phone calls, questions,
information\misinformation, and rumors regarding the site of the
National Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering for 1993.

On June 6th we expected a call, that never came, from the
scout council held in Addison, Alabama. The first call which
announced a Gathering site named the Daniel Boone National
Forest, S.E. Kentucky, came from a scout and was followed by e-
mail confirmation from the Rainbow office on June 7th.

On June 8th we received word that the Gathering site was in
the Taladaga National Forest in Alabama. It now seems that
there are two potential sites, two existing Rainbow offices and
two competing notions of the "concensus of the Family."

Last year there were serious efforts to have simultaneous
"Rainbow Gatherings" both in South Dakota and Colorado. So the
spirit of division is not unknown to the Rainbow Family. This
year the spirit of division may prove to be stronger. Perhaps
there will again be two Gatherings, maybe 5,000 on one site and
10,000 on another site.

The Babylonians are united, they'll stand at attention as
long as they get paid for it. They'll do whatever the boss tells
them, because they agree their jobs are important. The Rainbow
seems disunited, because they don't really agree on anything.

The Babylonians agree, they want to crush Rainbow
Gatherings. The Rainbows cannot even agree where they are going
to Gather.

Get it together, Rainbow, or get crushed. The proposed
Forest Service poses the most serious threat to the continued
existence of the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

Serious indiviuals are invited to a FREEDOM OF BELIEF, EXPRESSION

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