Re: Gathering or Scattering, Continued
09 Jun 1993 22:49:54

Thanks for the inspirational effort from the proposition 1 office.
When are *we* going to learn that there are times when individual
opinions can sometime be put aside for the *greater good.*

I know that you at the Prop1 office are busting butt in an effort to
rally people to the importance of protecting their 1st amendment
rights in light of the new National Forest Service Regulations and I
personally honor the thankless and difficult task you have chosen.

The site is not as important as the united effort to be together and
join our energy and spirit to move forward with the gathering to deal
with issues that go beyond the site.

Maybe we could come from the place of "possible mind" in that the
Rainbow family could come to a loving peaceful consensus.

This divisiveness is a test of our ability to "keep it together" and
not get involved in a lot of useless disagreement. Love is a much
stronger emotion than fear.

In love and light,

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