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09 Jun 1993 20:29:36

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>Last weekend at the Rainbow regional gathering, we built a sweat lodge,
>chanted, prayed to the four directions, and huddled in the lodge. After
>washing off and dressing, I banked the coals and tossed dirt over the coals.
>Someone noticed movement in the fire and shone the light. A salamander
>wriggled among the dirt and hot coals.

This is very interesting. As I was taught, the salamander is a "fire
spirit" It is very strong and considered a powerful yet dangerous ally.
It is no coincedence that you saw it where you did. You might want to ask
the lodge leader what he/she thinks of this. Was the lodge leader
experienced? Some lodge leaders might call in that spirit to help them.

>What is the mythological connection between salamanders and fire?

Guardian of fire, (at least in some Nat. Am. traditions) has the ability
to control fire.

(light bulb going off) It may have been telling you to leave the fire
alone, I don't know what tradition the lodge was done in but many say that
1. only the firekeeper/rock carrier/doorman and the leader should be touching,
moving the fire. 2.Many say to let the fire die naturally to complete the
cycle, ie. don't cover it with dirt.
Also it is generally respectful not to put anything other than a tobacco
offering (or sometning directed by the lodge leader) in the fire.

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