09 Jun 93 14:37 PDT

Last weekend at the Rainbow regional gathering, we built a sweat lodge,
chanted, prayed to the four directions, and huddled in the lodge. After
washing off and dressing, I banked the coals and tossed dirt over the coals.
Someone noticed movement in the fire and shone the light. A salamander
wriggled among the dirt and hot coals.
Why do I feel like a 13-year old who saw the planchette on the ouija
board move? Any comments? What is the mythological connection between
salamanders and fire?

On a similar note, soon after arrival, I stood holding hands in a circle
of fifty people chanting Om. Noticing people looking up to the sun, I
saw a rainbow halo around the sun. The rainbow circle was in the usual
22 degree position as described by M Minaert in "Light And Color in Open Air"
(1954, Dover Books). Regular attendees regard these phenomena as commonplace.
This is the second time I've personally witnessed this phenomena, again
at a Rainbow Gathering.

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