Gathering or Scattering from Kentuc
12 Jun 1993 15:12:07

The following message was received from Water-Singing-On-The-
Rocks on June 10, 1993 and updates his earlier message.

"This is Water-Singing-On-The-Rocks. I'm real sorry and
tired about all the confusion, and also very sorry about all the
people who are putting things on the net in my name without my
permission. I wish to say that I am in Kentucky. I am on site
in Kentucky. If I had my personal choice for the unity of the
Family I would go to Alabama and try to take everybody from the
Kentucky site with me. However, that choice is no longer
available to me. There are 75 or more people on site in Kentucky
right now, including a fairly good crew from CALM. We have word
from various parts of the country and other countries that
thousands of people are coming to Kentucky. We had a council on
the site in Kentucky that council decided that the Kentucky site
is the site of the National Gathering, and I out of service for
my Family cannot leave here knowing that there are thousands of
people coming and that my energy is needed. I am sorry if this
means that there's going to be two different Gatherings. I'm
sorry if this means that the unity of the Family as far as
Gathering in one place isn't going to happen this year.
Grandfather David predicted this. People have been talking about
doing it And if it is necessary for the Rainbow to split the
way an amoebae splits so that we can grow faster, then that's
what's going to have to happen. I wish it didn't happen. I will
miss my Family that's choosing to be in Alabama. I hope that we
can all pray together at the same time. I hope that we can
spread the light better because of having separate Gatherings. I
hope that somehow we can bring these two Gatherings that are
three hundred miles apart closer together, but I don't know how.
All I do know is at this time there has been a consensus, on the
land, of Rainbow Family people, which decided that the Kentucky
site will work even if we have to bring water in to add to the
water that is there. There is good water there. There is good
parking there. There is a wonderful main meadow there that
neither Felipe nor any of the scouts looked at that are in or on
their way to Alabama. I love everybody and if you make it to
Kentucky this year and I'll hug you. If you make it to Alabama
this year know that I'm hugging you in absentia, and I hope that
next year we can just gather in one place and have some unity
again. But out of service to my Family I cannot desert the
thousands of people that are coming to Kentucky."

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