Re: Gathering or Scattering from Kentuc
12 Jun 1993 20:27:44

This is my response to Water
from Michael John
If my opinion were valid, I would say that I have listened to the will of the family from
July 7 in Vermont when we said Colorado and then KY. If you were there and you listened that whats you heard.
I heard the family say they wnated KY last year, but in consideration of the family member from KY we did not put that in the consensus. I was there. I voiced a consensus that was acceptable by all.
Now the all is saying what we said for the last two years in slightly obscure ways. Welcome home to KY and the rest of our family will arrive when they can live with the will rather than excert their own.
I am very happy for you water. You have finally arrived at the place spirit has placed you. Water singin as he slides back and forth over the rocks.
We love you and how you manage to cut through the confusion around you.


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