1993 Northwest Tribes Regional Rain

14 Jun 1993 16:48:15

16-22 June 93.

Bring Water Jugs! Tarps, Large Pots!

We sisters and brothers, children of Light, Friends of Nature,
united by our love for each other and our yearning for peace, who
call ourselves Northwest Rainbow Family Tribes - humbly invite
everyone everywhere to join in expressing our sincere desire thru
prayer for peace on earth and harmony among all. We ask everyone
to join hand & hearts this 21JUN at Noon for silent communion.
We revere the sacredness of our Mother Earth and the Oneness and
essential Unity of all human beings. This is a spiritual event.
An absoluteley free, non-commercial celebration helf for the
healing of all minds, hearts, bodies and souls.

Location: Eastern Oregon. Take 395 between Ukiah and Dale.
Look for FS Road 10 (Olive Creek Road) and turn East.
Go 10 miles to FS 1010. Turn Left (North), go about 3 miles,
look for the rainbow signs.

For info: call immediately (208)-253-6059

Please copy and distribute.


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