Re: Combating the Regs
15 Jun 1993 10:57:26

to: garrick

re: water testing

we have not been testing for bacteria,it dosn't seem to be a problem
here. we are testing for heavy meatles and PH factor by testing for
disolved particles in solution and disregarding any thing with a
conductivity over .09. we hope you from the north east will stop
in KY on your way to AL,at the very least we have 250 people + on
site now and great relations with the athoritys and the locals.
the water situation is dificult bu managable ... i had a wonderful shower
last night. love you.

Alan H. Feldman

To:Jane and the north west family

the site is not!!! a land fill.

love you

choose with your feet.
Alan H.Feldman

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