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Sun, 20 Jun 1993 20:04:56 -0700 (PDT)

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SubHead: Council called for July 8-onward in Peace Park, Washington DC

Synopsis: The US Forest Service published on May 6th in the Federal Register
regulations that would have the effect of creating unprecedented restrictions
on the First Amendment Rights of Peaceable Assembly, Association and Expression
of Ideas.

The Regulations would require any persons likely to assemble in numbers greater
than 25 to apply for "authorization" from a governmental agent.

Volunteers, having met at Rainbow Family Gatherings over the last few years,
have been working in a "Legaliaison" council to disseminate information about
the proposed regs, which would go into effect after a public comment period
ending Aug 4 1993.

The Legaliaison volunteers urge all persons with an interest in this and
similar issues to come to a council at Peace (Lafayette) Park in Washington DC
beginning the second week of July and continuing "UNTIL

Also, please review the newsgroup "alt.gathering.rainbow" for further
information. A Mailing list is available. Send a message to
"" with the words "subscribe ALERTS" followed by
your name, in the message body (subject is ignored). Send "INDEX" for a listing
of files available.

Information about the 1993 Rainbow Gatherings in Kentucky and Alabama may also
be found in alt.gathering.rainbow.

Copies of the proposed regs are also available online in that conference, or by
ftp at in /pub/alerts, or through the mail server. Questions
regarding this may be sent to

Play for Peace!

Petros (
First Amendment Activist for Peace and Global Healing

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