Re: Sweet Home Alabama
23 Jun 1993 14:22:52

We sent our own scouts from Sunrise kitchen to Kentucky.
They called in yesterday saying that the vibe there was to head out
for Alabama. Sunrise kitchen is now going to Alabama.

We were wrong when we consensed with incomplete information.
Kentucky site seems to be intertwined with the Greatful Dead tour
which the Rainbow Family is not that keyed into, mostly because we
have no reason to support that culture money grab.

Also there is better water for drinking and swimming in Alabama,
and no cliffs.

On the other hand, it's real hot there with lots of bugs.
Home is where the bugs are, I suppose.

We've had more difficult states and even though there is an attack on
the family via the regs, it is felt that they're going to be angels
with halo's (as much as cops can be) so as not to jepardize their
legal gobbledegook effort.

See ya in 'bama, ya 'bama's. Gotta banjo on my knee.

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