Re: Sweet Home Alabama

Stephen R. Johgart (
Wed, 23 Jun 1993 20:35:52 -0700 (PDT)

Regarding the Dead Tour folks, from what Forrest tells me about the rumors at
Deer Creek, the word at the shows is that Kentucky is cancelled and that all
Deadheads should be heading for 'Bama. Not that this matters much; Deadheads
are everywhere (the VP in charge of international sales where I work is a
confirmed Deadhead), no escaping that. I sure hope some other kitchens will be
joining us in Kentucky; I was looking forward to that good Sunrise energy. I'd
suggest changing our direction, but consensus for Kentucky has been reached
three times in our area (at Fall Council in Kalamazoo, at the Wisconsin spring
regional, and at the Picnic last weekend in Ann Arbor), so the energy is high
in that direction, and folks are counting on it. I wish some Spring Council info
had come my way before Wing's posting a week or so ago; I even called the office
where I talked with a brother from the scout camp who was about to return there
with the recommendation that Kentucky was the place--there was no word of an
Alabama site or any consensus to keep scouting or anything else--this was two
days after the end of Spring Council (June 2). The one proposal I have for vision
councils this year is that one state or bioregion be selected; I hope much prayer
and energy will go into making that happen. That way if two sites happen to be
selected, the chances are that we won't have many many people heading hundreds of
miles in the wrong direction.

Incidentally, I also feel bad to receive mailings with no mention of Kentucky in
them--it seems quite a slap at the folks at the office who worked so hard and
had to deal with, I imagine from my experience with phone calls here, a lot of
very irate sisters and brothers wondering what was the problem finding a state
at least. I don't understand what made the Alabama scouts High Holies over the
Kentucky scouts (I presume the Kentucky site wasn't chosen from a road atlas).
I have been announcing both sites as brother sites--by the way, Petros, great
rap about this whole situation in Pot O' Gold, very diplomatic, very loving, very

I still hope to see some of you at the Gathering in Kentucky (but not in
Tennessee, eh? Weird darn mailings from there--I know the swastika is an
ancient pagan symbol, but surely the Gestapo SS isn't).

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