27 Jun 1993 20:13:25

A friend of mine just returned from the Greatful Dead concert at RFK Stadium
in D.C. with the good news that he heard NO negative rumours about the
Kentucky gathering being spread, and that the handouts had directions to
both sites.

A few days ago, another friend told me a great rumour about the Alabama
site. He was too excited for me to get the intricacies straight, but it
seems that Edgar Cayce predicted that people would find gold at Sweetwater
Lake and the time is ripe for the prophecy to come true. He also told me
that I was making a big mistake going to Kentucky, because the Alabama site
is the "officially sanctioned" gathering. I told him that there's a pot of
gold at the end of every rainbow and that official sanctions are Babylonian.

I've also heard that the Moon will be full on Saturday the 3rd, the Earth
will be at aphelion on the 4th, and Venus is a Morning Star. How do these
rumours get started?


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