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Peter Fraterdeus (
Mon, 28 Jun 1993 12:10:08 -0700 (PDT)

Reply to: Report from KY Site
Thanks Gonzo! (for your comments re: Pot o'Gold)

BTW Bill Baxter and MANY of the Sunrise folks WILL BE IN Kentucky.

However, most of their kitchen equipment has gone to AL with a brother who took
it there.

Bubba Bruce is helping with Kid Village. Medicine Circle (CALM) is fully
staffed and high energy, firmly committed to the site.

Fine medicine wheel on site, with the four directions marked with flags.
(BTW the swastika (as used in Zeus's mailings) is only holy (in my view) when
it has the colored flags! Then it is a symbol of the earth and the four

Front Gate is very mellow. Alcohol is very small.
Spirit is high, except for lies and disinfo from some unknown rumor mill.

Good spirits. Many older family there, and arriving daily. KY needs more good
focussed kitchen energy. Bring heavy duty digging tools. Ground is rocky and
rooty in the woods.

Mosquitos are minor, but tiny little ticks are abundant in some parts of the
high ground (not deer ticks, but like a large pinhead). I slept on the ground
in Main Meadow the other night with no problems from either mosquitoes or

Seed camp seems to be a hangout for some folks who work hard, and others who
hang out and drum all day waiting for the next pot of coffee. But then what
else is new!

Good strong councils. Calm peaceful folks wondering why there's so much bad
vibes over the site, when we are all together in the spirit....

The latest rumors have it that the last kitchen is leaving KY, which is
absolute BS. I started out without a particular bias (Except that I would never
go to the deep south in mid-summer--too hot and humid), however, I see the hand
of some nasty propagandist at work here....

Now why would anyone want to say these things, using fear to manipulate the
people, rather than the truth to enable them?


Love to All, including the rumor mongers, whether they deserve it or not.


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