Re: Report from KY Site
29 Jun 1993 20:29:27

Hello Petros! Hello all!
It's really good to hear that things are pulling together even more there
in Kentucky. I still hope to check in out there, if only on my way to
scamper through the Taladaga site. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

In regard to the Sunrise kitchen having been brought to Alabama by
"some brother":

I need to say, for the record, That the decision to bring the Sunrise high
capacity kitchen to Alabama by the people who are hands on involved in running
it was the result of an agonizing and expensive process which involved sending
scouts of our own to both sites and activating our long-distance phone net, as
well as USENET input.

We are still healing from this ordeal and looking for the hidden meaning of
this split, and tracing the roots to find out what if anything went wrong.

I'm very glad that Kentucky was home for Bill Baxter and in my absence,
bill can be hugged for me.

Sunrise kitchen was brought to Alabama by many sisters and brothers after
an exhaustive decisionmaking process that was right and just.

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