Russian Rainbow 1993

Marcus L. Endicott (
Wed, 17 Mar 1993 11:20:40 -0800 (PST)

> 17th - 27th June 1993
>Dear Brothers and sisters
>You are welcome to the Rainbow Gathering in Russia which will
>take place in a beautiful wild natural place near St. Petersburg
>from 17th - 27th June 1993.
>It is to be the second Rainbow Gathering in Russia. The Rainbow
>Family is looking forward to seeing all our friends from Russia
>and all over the world.
>The very first Rainbow Gathering took place in America in the
>sixties - people who wanted to restore their connection with the
>Earth came together to celebrate their unity with Nature.
>because it started in America, the Rainbows assimilated some
>traditions of the American Indians.
>This Rainbow Gathering will be held during the special time of
>"White Nights" near the beautiful Lake Ladoga. In our camp we
>will have Singing, Peace Dances, Games, Meditations, Sharings,
>Yoga, Tai Chi. We will all eat together, sleep in tents, swim
>in the lake and relax.
>We don't use tape recorders, radios - and no drugs or alcohol.
>Bring your acoustic musical instruments - drums, guitars,
>flutes... and don't forget your tent, sleeping bag, cutlery and
>Mosquito repellent. Everyone will bring their own food and put
>it all together - we are usually vegetarian. When you arrive in
>St. Petersburg we will show you where you can buy food and how
>to do it! We will just collect money for expenses in the camp
>so you can make your own donation when you are there.
>Please plan your travel to Russia to arrive in St. Petersburg
>not later than 16th June. If you come a few days earlier or
>want to stay longer after the Rainbow Gathering we can arrange
>accommodation for you with our friends.
>Write to us in St. Petersburg to: Vasudeva Kirbiatev, Galya
>Melnikova, Rimskogo-Korsakova 101-5, St. Petersburg 190008
>RUSSIA; tel: 812-219-7144; FAX: 812-314-1789.
>For more information and help with visas and travel to St.
>Petersburg contact: Liza Schnadt, Findhorn Ecotravels, The Park
>Forres, Moray IV36OTZ SCOTLAND; tel/FAX: (0309) 690995.
>Because of the turtle speed of Russian mail deliveries, Liza
>will arrange your visa. Send Name & Address, Date & Place of
>Birth, Citizenship and Passport number and Travel Dates not
>later than 12th May 1993.
>You can travel with Liza's group from London - St. Petersburg on
>12th June 1993 (approx. UKP 250 return), or make your own plans
>to get there. Please let us or Liza know your date and time of
>arrival in St. Petersburg so that we can meet you!
>We are looking forward to meeting you in Russia to spend a
>joyful time together.
>With Love and Peace,
>Your Russian Brothers and Sisters

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