Re- USFS Update

Peter Fraterdeus (
Mon, 29 Mar 1993 23:23:25 -0800 (PST)

Reply to: Re: USFS Update
The regs we are dealing with specifically are USFS (Forest service). (Since
gatherings have been hip-storically held on Forest Service administered lands.
) However, the issues make this irrelevant. For instance, the National Park
Service has also been attempting to interfere with the rights of vigilers in
Peace Park, "Lafayette Park", across Penn. Ave. from the White House, since the
beginning of the Reagan years.

Therefore, the issue is whether >>the Government<< whether Executive,
Legislative, or Judicial, can be allowed to usurp or disdain the inalienable
Rights of We the People (or any portion of us however small), who empower that
government in the first place. Even if some "majority" of the citizens demand
it, neither the government nor any posse of individual persons has the legal
power to usurp or disdain these Rights. Any such action is therefore moot, and
should be held accountable before the People and the Courts. However, the
Courts, too, are ultimately empowered by the People, and in issues of
inalienable Rights, the People may mount the question in the Public Forum and
demand that justice be done!

"Write-your-Senator-&-Reps." Peter

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