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Mon, 29 Mar 1993 23:25:55 -0800 (PST)

Online Council Process Discussion
I lifted this from the "Charter" thread, so as not to confuse the issues...

I propose the wording below be added to the alt.g.r FAQ, as stated, after the
length of discussion is determined.
Any modifications?
Goo Goos?



With great respect and awe at the Council Process in its most pure form.......

((((( under consideration for the FAQ )))))
Regarding Online Council Process--
In awf.rainbownews (the PeaceNet progenitor of alt.g*.r*), it was our informal
consensus to use a process similar to the following--- >

A question is opened for comment for a {two to four} week period, at the end of
which the consensus is noted as having been accepted, if there have been no
further blocks or comments, and re-iterated for the record.

At this time, further commentary may be opened to suggest changes to the
accepted consensus, but they cannot, after the initial period, >block< the
consensus on the point in question.

Of course, no consensus of this online community may be taken as representative
of the decision of the North American (or any other) Rainbow Family Tribal
Council, but is solely an agreement of like minded individuals interested in
pursuing common goals.
))))) ### (((((

Does this seem like a good informal working process? How long should the open
period be?

Love is the Key!

Play-for-Peace Peter

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