NYC Rainbow Picnic
Fri, 07 May 1993 09:09:52 -0700 (PDT)

This a reminder about the New York City Rainbow picnic in Central Park,
the 3rd Sunday in May (5/16), the same day as "Have a Park". It's happening
in the meadow north of Sheep's Meadow and south of the 72nd St. transverse,
along the west side of Central Park. It lasts from noon until dusk, with food
starting after noon and the clean-up concluding by dusk. As always, bring
your own bowl, cup, eating utensils and musical instruments. Bring rain gear
if rain is possible, and vegetarian food and non-alcoholic beverages ready to
eat and share. There will be at least on OM circle, plenty of acoustic music
and probably some events for the kids. Remember that this is a city, so keep
an appropriate level of awareness. Parking spaces will be few and far flung,
so use mass transit or car pool if possible. PLEASE, NO SELLING AT THIS OR
ANY OTHER RAINBOW EVENT!!! Commercial=Regulated, so let's stay

This notice is an individual, anarchistic message and has not been approved,
reviewed or brought to the attention of NYC Rainbow council prior to posting.

P.S. I've been trying to get through to the national office Rainbow e-mail
address from AT&T MAIL, since MCI MAIL doesn't accept e-mail from other
commercial e-mail services via the Internet, but have not been successful in
addressing it. Anybody got any solutions?

Love & Light, Peace & Joy,

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