"Muddy Hole" Days - May 12 -13

06 May 1993 12:46:24

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History Repeats Itself

Muddy Hole Days

May 12 & 13, 1993

"Make the most of the Hemp seed, sow it everywhere."

May 12-13, 1765: "Sowed Hemp at Muddy hole by Swamp"

from George Washington's diary.

Current cannabis eradication programs continue with no
end in sight.
Imagine if hemp grew wild next to your favorite muddy
hole? It used to and it still can. Once a viable natural resource,
this plant is now limited to wild stands in remote rural areas or
the garden that "might" exist in your own domain.

Our idea is this:
If the government continues to wage it's war upon the
cannabis plant, we must expose the senselessness of this act by
returning the hemp plant to its natural domain.

Sponsored by Rocky Mountain R.E.A.L. (Realistic
Explainable Alternatives League)
Circulated by those who care.

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