Re: switch
08 May 1993 09:20:54

-- In Peter Fraterdeus's message about `Re: switch' --

> Is this new site a consistant long-term partner, as igc has been?
> Are you planning to set up a list server, so people can Subscribe and
> Unsubscribe themselves? or What?

As the one who got volunteered, yes. It will be a consistant partner. I've
got listserv up and running, needs an update though. It also will have an
email based archive, as well as anonymous ftp. The machine is a sun4 with a
T1 connection. *nothing* will be moved until it's all set up correctly, which
probably means it'll take me a week or so. Got make the Release Deadline
next week first. :-)

> Please don't just DO it, let us know what you have in mind first!

I agree! Chicken sometimes moves faster than the speed of light. :-)

- rob -

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