Regs council @ NYC Rainbow Picnic
Wed, 12 May 1993 05:40:29 -0700 (PDT)

There will also be an information dissemination & discussion council at the
NYC Rainbow Picnic circa 3pm. If you are attending this year's picnic & have a
copy of the proposed regulations, please reproduce them & bring them to share.


> I am interested in info for the New York City Gathering in Central Park!!
> Any Info out there?? Also, when did the NYC Gathering begin??

The NYC Central Park Rainbow Picnic is a ONE (1) day annual event on the 3rd
Sunday of May lasting from noon until dusk. It started about a decade ago. It
is situated NE of the public restrooms of Sheep's meadow & S of the 72nd St.
transvers. Bring your own bowl, cup, spoon, musical instruments & vegetarian
food to share. Please, NO BOOZE, WEAPONS OR SELLING. For more info, see 5/7/93
posting on NYC Rainbow Picnic. For New York Rainbow info, send SASE to:

New York Rainbow
PO Box 1554
NYC, NY 10009

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