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17 May 1993 00:19:36

> Howdy Hi May 11, 1993
> I've just come from the Cumberland Rainbow Regional. Spirit is very good.
> Something great is in the air. Hope to return next weekend.
> The gatherings are
> where its at. I have not done much more than scan the Regs but as I understand
> them at this point there is not going to be a bond issue because of non
> commercial status.
having looked over the regs at some length it become obvious that the rainbow is
actually a commercial gathering: "Commercial use or activity--any use or activity
on National Forest System lands involving the charge of an entry or participation
fee, or the purchase, sale, or exchange of a product or service, regardless of
weather the use or activity is intended to produce a profit.? 251.51 Definitions p
page 26945 FR Vol. 58, No 86.
Interpreting this as it was written the rainbow is a commercial gathering because
goods and services are exchanged in barter circles. To think they will not try and
reclassify the gathering is hopeful and may be the case or it may not.

>One point is that under the proposed regulations the
> Cumberland gathering would be in violation because no permit was applied for
> or issued. I foresee a fundamental struggle for some kind of authority. Right
> now the authority to gather in the National Forests as we have for the past
> twenty years is ours. The government is trying to take this authority. We may
> be able to resolve this struggle during this comment period. At some point we
> might have a Gathering and the government might come in and do a mass arrest.
> then we would do battle in the courts. We may do battle in the courts before
> any arrests. Lets put our heads together and try to come up with something
> that is going to be the most beneficial and least harmful. My objection to
> the signing of permits is a question of liability. People have to ultimately
> be responsible for themselves. No one person or persons can take too much
> responsibility upon themselves. Taking on responsibility is a way and a correct
> way of assuming authority. Its not a good balance when one person or a few have
> too much authority. These are just a few simple basic ideas. Something inside
> of me likes keeping things simple. I hope to coordinate some discussions on the
> proposed regulations. I agree that they have to be studied carefully, thought
> about, talked about, and written about.
I will mail a copy of "why we dont sign permit" to anyone who want or
it can be ftped from the archive.
> YYours in service to the Free Rainbow Dan D

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