Re: Please learn to cross-post

04 Nov 1993 06:42:28

In article <Jym.2Nov1993.0827@naughty-peahen>, Jym Dyer <> writes:
>> This goes out to the Workers World Service People and the Food
>> NotBombs people. . . . Please learn to cross post . . .
> =o= If you think discussion is relevant to activism _per_se_,
> please consider posting to alt.activism.d instead -- or using
> "Followup-to:" to redirect discussion to alt.activism.d. That
> is the reason alt.activism.d was created.
> <_Jym_>

-whatever you people are doing, why argue about crossposting in a
crossposted post? geez. alt. rainbow too? i was looking for some
freinds, and find you guys snapping at people who probably won't see
your little retorts anyway. please,chill, smile, dance with the
aardvarks of joy!

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