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Glad to see this is finally being acknowledged in council.
The human condition is still very much in flux. We are not fully-baked yet!

Particularly, the mind is subject to enormous pressures from the society, the
family, and internal biochemical sources. When we are balanced, and our primary
concern is to justify our lives with honor and respect by serving our Human
Family, then the occasional pressure is easily dissapated. However, there are
many who in their fear and denial create monsters within them. These monsters
are fed by the acts and thoughts of those that they inhabit. The monster is the

We are not likely to see an end to Ego on the Planet. In fact, it's a needed
part of the psyche, as 'ego', an identity form that the Spirit creates to
funnel or channel creative energies into the world of Matter and Form.

It seems that it should be important for any intervention to acknowledge that
no council or other mediator can dislodge the Ego by force. There may not be a
way to heal some individuals who have hardened themselves to the Light. These
are like the scorpion who is always defensive and scurries to the dark hole to
avoid exposure. None-the-less, it remains imperative that such Egos must not go
unchallenged, for they take strength from their perception of victory.

Victims of these disturbed minds must be comforted and reminded that they are
not responsible for the accident of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There is no place for blame in such a situation, nor for philosphical
speculation about Karma, and so forth. None-the-less, the mediator (or Shanti
Sena council, etc.) must also remain objective enough to perceive that some
violence Is in fact encouraged by the eventual victim, as in co-dependent
behavior. This does not in any sense excuse the violent action, but it must be
considered in the application of just and honorable solutions.

Naivite is not the same as innocence. We must all learn to be AWARE of our
environment, CONSCIOUS of our own vibration that we project, and PROTECTIVE of
our own interests, in our Personal Boundaries and Aura Space.

Ho Mitakye Oyasin!
Play for Peace!


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-- Albert Einstein

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