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Updated September 30, 1993, with information provided by a friend
at the Forest Service.

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Addressing to and from the U.S. Forest Service has changed.

I've abstracted the following information from the April 5 U.S. Forest
Service X.400 Documentation Update.

As of April 26, the U.S. Forest Service switched its X.400 service
from Sprint to AT&T (FTSMAIL), requiring a change in addresses for
e-mail to and from its Data General (DG) system.

E-mail from the internet to the DG should now go to addresses with
the following syntax:


FSWA is AT&T's name for the Forest Service.
S= is Surname. Forest Service uses first initial, period, lastname,
(so Jane User would be J.USER). All Forest Service Systems have
a generic username of MAILROOM.
OU= the Organizational Unit, the host Data General system on which
the recipient resides. Data General hostnames are listed in the
Forest Service Organizational Directory, which should be available
at the nearest Forest Service Visitor Center or Information Office.

E-mail from the DG to the internet requires the following syntax:

To: internet!system.domain!username@alias:x400

So to an EcoNet user, a Forest Service employee would send

To: internet!!<username>@att:x400

Forest Service employees can set up site or personal aliases for their
regular correspondents by contacting the Washington Office Helpdesk.

The Forest Service pays $.48 for each e-mail message sent through the
FTSMAIL gateway (according to the agency's March 31, 1993 X.400 User
Documentation.) That's in addition to FTS2000 charges (the phone call)
and a 10% GSA overhead charge. So Forest Service users are getting
charged coming and going by Ma Bell.

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