Harvest Moon 38 arrests, FNB tops 1

29 Sep 1993 20:00:07

After yesterday's travesty (arrests of Catholic
priests), Jordan was at it again today.
"Mayor Jordan sent you a letter last night."
said Noah Griffin, the mayor's press secretary.
"How are we supposed to get a letter overnight?"
I asked.
"Look, you want to do it illegal.."
"Wait, wait, wait, you're taking, stealing, our
ladles, our buckets, our trucks, our food, you
know the injunction is illegal, we've been arrested
over 400 times in three years and you've never taken
us to court. Your city attorney fails show
in court if we make it that far."
"Hey, you want to do it like that blacks in the 60's."
"That's a totally racist remark" I said as he hung up.

This conversation happened as the police (over 60 were present)
were arresting 38 protesters, including David Hartsough,
San Francisco Meeting, RSF. 14 arrests were violent,
including headlock, ankle twist, temple hold, and jaw
squeeze. The Santa Cruz FNB and East Bay Seeds of
Peace were stellar in their support.

Please write mayor jordan at City Hall, San Francisco 94108 USA
and tell him to ease the pressure. We have fed people
at that spot for two years without incident and now,
since Sept2, there have been over 100 arrests. We
have lost so much property to the police (buckets, trucks)
as to be crippled(at least limping).

People's rights are being taken. Women are being molested
as they are arrested. Men are being beat. Please help.


A suggestion to sell the food for a penny has been tried.
No permit.

As far as food not bombs being a local issue, why don't you
take it national.

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