Mahatma Ghandi Fest, Food Not Bombs
01 Oct 1993 09:46:17

Food Not Bombs 415 330 5030
3145 Geary #12 SF CA 94118

tax ID 94-3111898 Coalition on Homelessness

Please assist Food Not Bombs and all
rational caring people in enacting legislation
or constitutional amendment to declare feeding
people to be legal within guidelines set to protect
public health.

Ted Thomas 32, arrested dinner Thursday
Brian Wickenheiser, 36 also arrested at dinner

Usual charges, feeding without a permit
No arrests at lunch

October 2nd, Aquatic Park, 10:20 Am
Farm Animal Liberation Day

The big Castro street festival is this weekend,
table in drag.

Thanks for the anonymous check for $60.

Mahatma Ghandi Fest in Golden Gate Park, 6th annual

Lunches Kitchen Driver Cooks
Friday Aaron Tim
Monday Keith - -
Monday Golden Gate Tom Barbara and Dave
Tuesday Keith - -
Wednesday Andy James Tucker
Thursday Nick Tim Tucker

Fr Suzy McDowell Tim Dave and Barbara
Sat Kristin, Sharon Willie Micheal Hillson, Matt Dodt
Sun Franklin Willie Hearth, Tracy, Holly, Diana
Mon Barry Willie Ethan Tim Murie
Tues Mels Zach Ethan
Wed Franklin(?) Zach Matt Dodt, Ethan
Th Dawn and Doug ??? Elen, Matt

Police took White Van on Wednesday, Ambulance is broken,
police took Canteen truck for no registration, Monte
Carlo's trunk still broken, Wagoneer is losing
its transmission. No brakes on refridgerator truck.

Arrest count around 120. Received much support on radio shows
and some OK press coverage of the violent arrests on Wednesday,
many new volunteers and new food donators.

We will never die.

The opinions expressed herewith reflect no consensus on
the part of Food Not Bombs, Fractal Factory or any
combination of Aaron, Andrew, Keith, Scott or others.
Unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

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