URGENT stop the Nu kes >>> PlaNet L

07 Oct 1993 22:26:53

Hi folks

I have been looking for the hub of the peace networking in the USA
and have been pointed in this direction.

I am writing from Aotearoa/New Zealand with an appeal to all
of you who would like to see something more definite than
"non-prol ifer ation" of Nuc le ar W e apon s

I gather that some of the main campaigners/networkers
concerned to see the scourge of N wpns removed are reading this
and so am keen to get feedback... is there anyone out there
tuned into the W orld C ourt P roject??

Please keep in mind to deliberately mispell or space within the
words N u cle arand P e a ce (every time!) and similar "key words"
when emailing internationally including to here for obvious
"privacy reasons".

--Please correspond with me at "roberth@chch.planet.co.nz"
as soon as you can if you wish to know more from an NZ view.

--Please email me if you would like the full info/copy of the
"PlaNet Linkletter"
This is an abbreviated "PlaNet Linkletter"

--Also mail me if you would like to post material on a NZ network
called "PlaNet" that has APC style conferences. if you have something
from "upwing" (green/ethical) then we will gladly post it for you.

--If you live in our Sister City, Seattle, we would like to hear from you
re various Green Diplomatic Initiatives

***PlaNet Linkletter***
The Wor ld C our t Proj ect

We in NZ are particularly interested to network/netweave
the p eac e work of a step for the whole globe that we feel is
needed urgently and is particularly possible.

To begin can we ask:

Have you signed/ encouraged others to sign a Declaration of
Public Conscience?? Is your network alive to the reality of the
Wo rld C ourt P roject?

In 1986 here in Christchurch a retired
magistrate, Harold Evans conceived the possibility of making N wepns
illegal. After approaches from NZ pea ce workers
I P B, IALANA and IPPNW have taken it on globally.

Now in 1993 peace workers from NZ and around the globe are about to
present over 100,000 declarations to the UN. Last count we had
20,000 signed from NZ and feel that that is just a beginning.
It has been best to send the declarations in for the first presentation
but we will continue to send them away during the time of the court
accepting them over the next year. As the UN General Assembly vote
on accepting the resolution for the court hearing shortly... there is much
immediate lobbying to be done!

N.B. For details of how to contact the various places that supply info
or for the full linkletter or for a sample declaration form please mail
me at robert_hunt@equinox.gen.nz or roberth@chch.planet.co.nz

I hope we can really work together and shoe how Internet although "invented"
by ARP A can end up being a power for WIN WIN ... we note that USA mediaA
have largely ignored the project and so much remains to happen.. let's be the
cause of that!!

Pea ce

Christchurch Aotearoa/NZ

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