14 arrested-assault on officer

07 Oct 1993 02:02:31

The totally non-violent sit in and peaceful
protest at Fillmore and Pacific Streets in
San Francisco was marred by police action
this October 6, at 10:55pm. People protesting
Operation Matrix and a 6 week long extended
crackdown on 'quality of life' laws including
public sleeping, urination, lodging, drunkenness,
etc. There has been no decrease in the number
of crack dealers at the United Nations Square
side of the Civic Center Plaza.

Natasha, Judy, Peter, Steve, Steve, Eric,
Dominic, Raegen, and 3 others were in the van
I was taken to Pier 38, where a warehouse
was serving as a holding pen for demonstrators.
"Big enough to hold all the homeless." commented

Notice to appear 074089816
city and county of san fransdisco
Non traffic, Misdemeanor
10/6/93 issued:2255
Andrew Newkirk Rose
632 Cole St 252 8734
C6066569 CA DOB 3/20/67 age 26
Male, Brn, Brn, 5'11",155

VIOLATION CODE 243(b) P.C. [politically correct?-anr]
location Pacific and Fillmore
signed G. Del... star 160 issuing unit 5 N 92

signed by me.

Box Checked Appear or Submit Bail at Hall of Justice Room 101
850 Bryant St. SF within 21 days
Box Checked Appear at Hall of Justice IN Dept 19 on 10/6/93


So what I don't get is how I can appear at Dept19 on 10/6/93 when their writing my the citation on that very same day! It seems to me that this ticket is illegal, it was intended to be that way, and that this is more double overtime with riot pay for meat eating football fans who live in Marin and no sooner care about someone's recovery than they eat another hot dog at a Giants game.

Anyway, I'm guilty. I assaulted the officer. It was later explained to me that touching an officer can be considered assault. And this is in fact what I did, I touched the officer. I am guilty.

Keep those card and letters coming, they really help.

We weren't really breaking the law. That many people is certainly a public nuisance though, and nobody asked for a permit to have this rally. At one point a young woman screamed from her window many floors above the ground, "get out of my neighborhood."

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