Peace Circus comes to Croatia

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The Peace Circus comes to Croatia

The Peace Circus, an initiative of the European Youth Forest Action,
is travelling through Europe, juggling (incl. teaching it), making
music and non-violent action training. They join local actions such as
blockades of nuclear power plants and protest against other
environmental and social disasters. Now they are travelling through
Germany, at the moment they are in Freiburg (South-West Germany) to
join activities of the BUND-jugend and others. In November the Peace
Circus wants to come to Croatia to juggle and make Folk music in
refugee camps and join peace activities. The "crew" of the circus are
street musicians, jugglers, a bus driver and other nice people.

Being aware that this war can't be stopped within a day and not by
some crazy people, the Peace Circus wants to bring seeds of creativity
and phantasy to this area. Initiatives to play with children in
refugee camps (like Suncokret and many others) are even more
successful than expected, some volunteers teach children juggling or
play music, which is always great fun for the refugees. Along that
line the Peace Circus wants to drive and pass by refugee camps, peace
groups and other places wherever it finds an audience.

Of course the circus is constantly out of money, if anybody has got
ideas how to get things like the fuel paid please send a reply to
this message or to GTN@GN.APC.ORG or fax: +31(0)46-516460 (EYFA). If
you want the Peace Circus coming to your place please contact GTN or

love and peace,
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