08 Oct 1993 13:51:40

> I heard today that Nirvana is going to play there and so are
> The Cramps.

This item has been floating around our office a lot lately. It's bound to be
extremely well-attended, cause SF is a real Halloween kind of town.
Yesterday, I read a posting that a whole crew of people were coming from
Belgium just for this occasion, and bringing along a whole bunch of
mondo-fresh acid! It is a do-it-yourself kind of thing, I guess, because
no one is oraganizing it (which is just fine with me). Anyway, I picked up
a flyer about it last week, the text of which follows:

___________________Begin ___________________________________________________

Happie Halloween!

A world-wide call out to all Wiccans, Radical Faeries, Chaoticians,
Subversives, Pagans, Eco-warriors, Vampires, Undercover cops
(natch), Drummers, Voodoo gurus, Queers, Ragga-muffins, Mojo
mixers, Space aliens, Funk masters, Techno-trippers, Groove-cats,
Zombies, Pranksters, Cyber-tribers, Anarchists Antichrists and
Anaochronists, Poseurs, Wanna-be's, Almost-was's, and Has-been's

L e v i t a t e
the S. F. Stock Exchange!!

A HUGE and VERY WEIRD CELEBRATION of the anniversary of
the great stock market crash and the 13 + 13th anniverary of the
levitating of the Pentagon. Help exorcise the Financial District of the
demons that have plagued us all! Laugh while you levitate the stock
exchange and dump it into the bay! Jump for Joy as you banish the
Bohemian Clubbers to the Hell from which they sprang, and (this is
the REALLY weird part) golden toilet bowls sprout from
the sidewalks. Hoo-oooo, kids - it'll be so scaaarrrry!

don't miss: Night of the Living Dead Businessmen

Friday, October 29, 5:00 P. M.
The S. F. Stock Exchange (Bush & Pine Sts.)

friend tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend

You: Costumes Haints RYTHM Food ART Performance Screwing Around Lunacy
Magick ART Performance Music Dope FUN Color Surpriiiiise! Dancin'
Elvis BadNews SEX Ghastly SPELLS Liberacio'n &Shit

The Corporate Monster doesn't stand a Ghost of a chance

info? USENET alt.society.resistance


Now THIS kind of early planning I can get behind!

I think we owe it to ourselves to spread the word on this kind of stuff. Post
this info all over the net and on every BBS in the world. Cross post!
Blanket post! Post-modern post!

See you there!

S. Washburn


Consider the lillies of the field, they toil not, neither do they spin. Worry not for tommorrow, the worries of today are enough. If a man asks

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