World Court Project
09 Oct 1993 08:42:34

IS anyone out there interested in the World Court Project.. I gather it
doesn't feature in USA newspapers... I don't know about other media

early next month the UN General Assembly will vote on the resolution
concerning the legality/illegality of Nu c lear Ar ms

There is much lobbying and networking to be done both before then and beyond
then as the World Court will receive your "Public Declaration of

I am interested to know about the level of awareness re this in various
parts of the world... I am from the city and nation where the campaign began
and so particularly as we are geographically remote, I do not necessarily
have the picture of how wide this has gone. Certainly we will be needing
to see a vast amount more in the way of declarations show up over the next
few months.

If you think you could help in anyway please write

I am from Christchurch .. our sister city is Seattle... are there any key
networkers in pe a ce and environment reading this.. who are from Seattle??

Let's make it happen.

Robert ( or

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