Help service providers communicate.
15 Oct 1993 11:48:14

Hi, I understand that you may have some old
computers to donate. I work for the Tenderloin
Self-Help and the Coalition on Homelessness, as
well as Food Not Bombs, Empty the Shelters,
Homes Not Jails, and the San Francisco Religious
Society of Friends. We have a great need for
more efficient communications to serve the needs
of servers of needs of receivers of service. I
have always found e-mail to be useful in expiditing
many processes, especially arranging meetings and
logistics. Our difficulty -right now- is best
illustrated by the process a needy person goes
through to get a blanket. Blankets are available
but much phone tag is involved with severely
understaffed agencies, often requiring a much
longer period of time than would be if better
communication was available. A simple e-mail system
would allow for asynchronous communication and
relax the need for real-time interaction between
service providers.

I propose outfitting and training service providers
with e-mail accounts, mail lists, ftp, etc in order
to facilitate the basic needs. I don't see this
as being expensive and I feel that it would be a
great service to San Francisco, and a great example
for the nation. Mere black and white, ASCII text
discarded as being 'obsolete'. 8086s, 6502s, 80186s,
80286s are all acceptable. 300 baud modems would be
fine, but 1200, 2400, 9600 would be better.

In spirit -andy

Our list grows shorter, our responsibilities lighten.
Donations are tax-deductible, and mighty good karma.


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