Radical feeding

17 Oct 1993 03:37:51

Dear AndyRose@netcom.com,
Am waiting to hear succint description of World Court also. Surprised to
see you plan to go to "court" for your food permit since I explained that you
can find an empathetic State Health Dept. Inspector to give you a booklet and
advice on staying within the regulations. Some of us state regulators enjoy
sharing our knowledge of basic requirements and basic means to meet them. Shop
till you find him\her. One can study science and retain some reasonability and
recognize valid alternatives. An inspectable kitchen, paper bowls and basic
consideration of germ theory has sufficed here. Faith will deliver a situation
where the inspector says,"I saw no regulations broken" and the true political
motive appears. Or:
You could attend a Rainbow Gathering and observe procedures that satisy the
same resonsible authorities. Or: Ask for help with regulator-liason from an
experienced Rainbow kitchen provider. If you can't find such and one doesn't
appear online mail me your request and I'll look for one in Cal. These folks
provide within-regulation meals in the Dirtiest of situations- in the woods .
I would suggest that should you evade capture and take an R&R, Gather in
said woods and find rhythms that lift both soles from Mother Earth, but reading
of the street theatre ensures me that your fight is there allowing us to read of
the beauty and intelligence that appeared.
Your levity in addressing light questions before the World Court is a healthy
sign that you are not dragged down by the Gravity of belief of some that what
they are doing amounts to more than another's hill of beans.

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