SF Supervisor's vote MONDAY!

22 Oct 1993 21:16:21

[its OK to call on the weekend area code 415, they have machines.
There are two issues in question for monday. The first is
legislation granting "amnesty" to all the people cited since
late August for 'Quality of Life violations'. This is approximately
600 citations (about 1/2 for public sleeping).

The second is legislation allowing food to be distributed
for free in City Parks. Food Not Bombs endorses both of these items]

On Monday, October 25th the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote on
a proposed ordinance which will grant amnesty to all those cited for
"Quality of Life Offenses" under the Matrix program, which has been in effect
since August 1st, 1993. The Coalition on Homelessness urges everyone to call
the following Supervisors to demand their votes in favor of the amnesty

Kevin Shelley 554-4005
Carole Migden 554-4033
Willie Kennedy 554-5734
Tom Hsieh 554-5015
Susan Leal 554-6644

Stop Jordan's crackdown on the homeless! Stop the War on the Poor!


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