fs regs

23 Oct 1993 22:01:55

Does anyone know the update on usfs regulations 251-254? Haven't heard a
thing since July ... old news maybe that the Legaliaison national office
has been moved to the following address - Rainbow Legaliaison National
Team Office, 3029 Woden Rd., Nacadoches, Texas 75961. That news sent by
volunteer Carla Newbre, PO Box 24715, Eugene, OR 97402 (outgoing editor of
All Ways Free), so write to confirm if you like. Seattle folks are gearing
up for a depressing law coming to the city ... Mayor Norm Rice going to
sign a bill to increase penalties for urinating and defecating in public
(we're a city with few public restrooms) AND for SITTING OR LYING ON THE
SIDEWALK FROM 7AM TO 9PM. Business owners are thrilled, homeless and
civil libertarians are in a snit. Of course, this is from a town where
"drug loitering" is a crime (even if they don't find and drugs). And a
state whose Republican party platform took an official stance against
"yoga and other relaxation techniques." It's INSANE. Also on its way
another attempt at a curfew for kids ... well, its election year, what can
we expect? For once I can say that this city's only hope is that these
are CAMPAIGN PROMISES and they won't be kept. Peace without borders,

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