Intl. Day of Peace-9/21/93

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Intl. Day of Peace-9/21/93
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September/October 1993

Volume VII, Number 5
International Day of Peace
At 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8 p.m. Greenwich MT) on September 21, 1993,
Pathways To Peace invites you to join with the United Nations and the citizens
of the world in a minute of silence to link with others around the planet in
this action of peace and cooperation. In addition, join Pathways to Peace at
noon every day in a minute of silence for peace. The following organisations
are some of the active supporters: A-Peal for Peace Canada, World Peace Day in
Geneva, the Brahma Kumaris, the Baha'i's, Kyung Hee University in S. Korea,
UNA of San Diego, Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace (Hawaii), the
African Society in Egypt.

Please send information about your activity so that you can be linked with
others participating in this local/global Project. If you would like to plan
special Peace Day events for next year, or learn about other ways to
participate in the "We the Peoples" Initiative, please contact

Pathways To Peace, P. O. Box 1057, Larkspur, CA 94977 USA Phone: (415)
461-0500 FAX: (415) 925-0330.

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