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19 Sep 1993 04:40:21

Two brothers were recently exchanging their visions electronically and
commented on size of gatherings and depth of pockets. We know carrying the purse
carries the duty(heavy) of teaching and learning of its use. Consider a story in
the Greek, and Greek tragedy style of presenting a person as two characters:
one, the physical animal feeling person; the other, the intellectual word
thoughty idealist. Moral of story is error in assigning good and evil to
characters. The ideas came from a cabbala, alchemy study group in Mex. City. A
psychiatrist who'd been stationed in San Diego and was Casteneda's prime model
for "Don Juan" visits.
One character carried the purse past common mendicants so he could minister
to the troop of those somewhat disciplined to travel One way. The other is
written to have permitted this heavy burden of carrying the pocket safely past
the multitudes of hungry so the troop could comfortably continue their wedding
feast thru the years. The one mentioned the impropriety of pouring oil on the
other's head when there were hungry stomachs. The other didn't appear
interested in calorie counting. He was interested in "breaking bread" and
drinking of blood. The writers gave us crude cues to wake up.
Very few Jews and no Christians know that "bread" is symbol for a group of
glyphs in the Torah. Most say these groups are just words in an old language
that just died. Most have never felt the joy of feeling a formula. The term,
"unleavened bread"(no air or vowelling) explicitely points to the unspoken
nature of the formula. "Blood?"
300 years after, the writers give us the key, writing that one changed his
mind but was told, "We can't take this; it is blood money." 30 moneys is blood
money. 30 is written with one mark like Lambda but its name is Lammed. It has a
spell-ing. Lammed Mem Dallet, three unique marks. In Heb. Dict. it is teaching
and learning. The other asked that the reader break the glyph groups into their
constituent glyphs and learn their conceptual content.
Then the writers made it simpler for those not imagining the likeliest mouth
for the sop in the other's ideal hand. Some considerations are necessary to
understand KJV(not an "improved version") John 13: 18, 19. The heel, foot,
sole is symbol of the soul which is interface between Mother Earth and what
sprung up from Her. The programs that organize the atoms like the program that
converts a dead machine into the life you see. Two characters pressed one
"against" the other may be something to kick about but not always in sadness.
In Heb. Judas and Jew are same word Yod Hay Waw Dallet Hay. They delivered
that Thought written in red 1\32 inch higher than the rest. He meditated on
the crossing of those glyphs into Alpha- Omega words. Meditation= death of
intellect(other). Ultimately awesome that likely a man loved the Aleph- Tav
enough that he volunteered to symbolize that crossing, death.
Nine archtypal elements of thought from One(the inconceivable, no concepts) to
Ninth(intuition, structuring). Sixth one is universal copulatory concept. "And"
in Heb. Dict. An idea fertilizes another idea thru this sixth state. Our sixth,
F fertilize, fecundity,... If anyone is interested I'll give the rest.
Physicists most likely to love it. Need help.

Water is symbol for "vehicle of information". Between roots and earth or man
and woman. Or seas or rivers that move information between people. The two
brothers not only carried Gathering water together talking about the information
networking. They taught by example the joy of physical community action
independent of purses. Water into wine.

Should have stopped. No pathogenic organisms pass Pasteurization process
160F for one minute or 140F for five minutes. Water from hot water heater always
good. Surgery requires killing spores that cause problem on cut skin.
Certainly feet should be restricted to paths in cities and big Gatherings But
surely Mother Earth (earth as mother of its productions and inhabitants) enjoys
the joyful displays and impacts of soles returning from flights above Her. A
time and a place. Some cultures hold there must be periods and places where
drumming and dancing are the norm any time in that space. If the rhythms aren't
inspiring dance they're not inspiring and are expendable.
Eighth glyph is energy in unconscious. Elicited by eight beat rhythms that
came out of black churches. Thanks be to Rock and Roll.

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